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'Jazz, rock, funk, free improvisation - sometimes they sound like a crazy marching band from New Orleans fleeing the next hurricane, sometimes like Blood, Sweat & Tears on acid.'

Peter Füssl – Zeitschrift für Kultur und Gesellschaft

'A big hit, a great statement, and a strong exclamation mark for music's interference in politics.'

Michael Sturm - Jazzpodium

'Austrian nonet Kuhle Wampe hilariously confronts politics with jazz.'

Max von Pretz - Alto Adige Jazzfestival

'Perfectly coordinated brass sections, powerful grooves, finely played swing, changes in harmony and tempo contradict and provoke, mock and accuse, improvise and thus shape the image of this demanding and at the same time enjoyable event into a musical masterpiece.'

Jörg Konrad – Kulturkomplott


Leonhard Skorupa reeds Michael Tiefenbacher keys Tobias Vedovelli bass Christian Eberle drums


Christian Reiner vocals Astrid Wiesinger reeds Leonhard Skorupa reeds Martin Eberle trumpet Georg Schrattenholzer trombone Andi Tausch guitar Michael Tiefenbacher keys Tobias Vedovelli bass Christian Eberle drums



Ensemble Kuhle Wampe, whose name is derived from the communist film "Kuhle Wampe or: Who Owns the World (1932)" with its pronounced avant-garde formal language (directors: Brecht/Dudow/Ottwalt) and grandiose contrapuntal film music (Eisler), aims an artistic criticism of politics and society. Political content is musically put into context, artistically commented on, processed, and spun further: Samples, spoken texts or spoken set pieces are mingled with tailor-made compositional practice. Music with political reference is often seen in either punk-rock or workers’ songs or a strictly avant-garde context. Ensemble Kuhle Wampe chooses a different path and merges these contexts together skillfully with powerful, precise, and direct musical and political expressiveness. The ensemble has recorded a double album, which was recently released on the young Viennese label Waschsalon Records.

Ensemble Kuhle Wampe Videos

Ensemble Kuhle Wampe Videos





Jazz & the City, Salzburg (A)


past (Highlights)

Porgy & Bess (A)

onQ Festival (A)

Jazzday Brixen (IT)

Kultursommer Wien (A)

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